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History Ralph was married to Amanda Browning and played stepfather to her daughter, Mackenzie.

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He lives in a high rise apartment with no furnishings but a card table, two chairs and a futon, in an attempt to return to a minimalist way of life from his younger years. Sean seems to have a lot of connections in his past, counting entertainers Lionel Richie and B. While Jill remained wary of this hot younger man and his motives, he managed to sweep her off her feet.

"Physical" is used to distinguish physical capital from human capital (a result of investment in the human agent)), circulating capital, and financial capital.[1][2] "Physical capital" is fixed capital, any kind of real physical asset that is not used up in the production of a product.

Usually the value of land is not included in physical capital as it is not a reproducible product of human activity.

Ralph's terrorizing of Amanda is stopped by Larry Warton, with whom Amanda has developed a relationship.

Amanda chooses to leave town after Jill Abbott shows her the security camera footage of Amanda stealing jewels from the mansion and nearly getting people killed.

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