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She'll offer her nice big titties to help him recover from the blow...Born in August of 1986 to parents of Italian and German ancestry, Audrey Bitoni grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.Aletta and Audrey are at an interview and are trying hard to make it in a male dominated office.As they wait anxiously for their turn to be interviewed they over hear Johnny criticizing them for their attempts to get a decent job.

Busty Beauty Audrey Bitoni was born on August 16th 1986.

Unfortunately the smoke causes the sprinklers to go off and then the door locks and the couple can't get out!

Trapped and cold they have no choice but to get close, and keep extra warm.

Audrey threatens the nerd that she'll get her boyfriend to beat him up if she doesn't get to play with his bookwo...

Memphis and Audrey are over at Charles's place for a small get together.

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