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They really couldn't have been more different, and Michael dearly wished he could have spent the night alone with Sarah and Jenny, but no...he had to suffer Nick's ever more drunken, macho bullshit.You can catch the two together in flicks like: Extreme Schoolgirls 12 and Planet Max 15.Her film list literally features just about everything.His boyish good looks and lightly-toned frame are winning traits that have already garnered him a steady amount of work thus far and the years ahead are...Layla Rivera (AKA Lyla Rivera, Chula Sanchez, Layla) is a gorgeous Latina porn star, originally from Phoenix, AZ.Jenny was a good host and always made sure she had plenty of Michael's favourite juice in the fridge, since she knew he probably wouldn't drink more than a few glasses of wine. Jenny and Sarah were still chatting away quietly, mildly tipsy on wine but still well within their limits, while Nick (of course) had all but passed out on the huge sofa next to his wife.

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The foursome returned home and continued drinking, all except Michael who had never really taken to the stuff and didn't much care for the way it made 'some people' act.Before long the crunching gravel announced the arrival of their taxi and they all piled in, more than ready for a nice meal at a local restaurant.Jenny had booked their usual table and the food was excellent, the only problem of course was that while Jenny and Sarah caught up on all the news, Michael had to make endless conversation with Nick.He wondered if Nick actually realised he didn't like him, but all the evidence pointed to the fact that he simply didn't entertain that as a possibility, after all, he was loaded and the life and soul of the party, how could anyone fail to be charmed? As Nick pressed him for MPG figures on his own car, Michael all but glazed over.He took a long slug of wine and then smiled in all the right places because he knew it would earn him serious brownie points with Sarah, and that was all Michael really cared about.

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