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Unrealistic and immature On a TV show I heard this the other night, "Want to get hurt less, Lower your expectations of others, while you raise them in yourself" One more. The guy is cutting grass for a living and you expect him to be what exactly? snotr editorial team: You suck on that one, remove it!

I registered on this site just to say how awesome people are on here for not flaming this vid.

I don't see anything wrong with the service itself.Once again thanks to all you nice folks out there!! he may be a nice guy but this video is pathetic and so is reality.nothing is sacred and you might as well laugh while you still can.It's a pathetic world, people finding joy in others sadness...He wants a women who is VERY ATTRACTIVE then says he wants someone who wants "Me who I am For". They want VERY ATTRACTIVE or they'll be about 50 years old who post looking for a women 18-25. They understand (sometimes) their own short comings or faults yet (Like this guy) He wants VERY ATTRACTIVE, Dresses well. Don't they get it, Their dream women is a Barbie Doll who wants them for who they are'. It's just a guy who probably doesn't have a very easy life (how much can you earn mowing lawn exactly?? For the little I've heard, he talked of dinner and flower, it was kinda naive and cute. If I had to go ask for it on the web I would ask for melrose bickerstaff, it always better to ask for the top at first, then you negotiate..

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