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If there's an error_log.txt, could you pm me what it says? The shouldn't be read-only, the launcher writes settings there. The important one first: Note: This is with a completely fresh D2 install with D2Lo D113 patch applied.If it's spinning, you can stop it after like 1 min. I'm getting "c0000005" error when clicking multiplayer, even though D2 in the installation directory is added to DEP (And all other D2i have): All D2 processes are run as admin. I tried adding the Median XL Launcher exe file, but i can't for some reason. Less important error: I have an error with glide when using the MXL Launcher.Features:- Installs Median on any Diablo II: Lord of Destruction version.- Automatically keeps median version up-to-date.- Verifies for corrupted files & installation.- Settings page to set video mode, windowed, and several other configurations.- News feed, with links to the community and documentation.- Solves many compatibility issues with Diablo II (mainly when the launcher is run as admin).- Sets Diablo II realm gateway to The Sin War.- Allows up to 2 instances of Diablo, for muling purposes.- Other minor features.With this app, we intend to make Median & multiplayer easy to install for everyone, and get rid of all (or most) issues that are caused by faulty installations, wrong versions, windows issues, or Blizzard patches (1.14 grrr).Make sure you download Diablo II and Diablo II Lord of Destruction (in English) and install both before proceeding: 1. Open the Path of Diablo Launcher app each time you wish to play Path of Diablo.Download the Path of Diablo Launcher installation file linked below. Select your Diablo II installation folder before clicking next. Path of Diablo requires both the base game and the expansion "Diablo II" and "Diablo II: Lord of Destruction" (in English).Learn how to download and install the game by viewing the video above.

Sorry if it sounds noobish, but I'm not that experienced in all this sort of things. Front page, game guide, forums, and all three news boxes work, opening a new tab in the default browser (tested with edge and chrome). Version Unknown, with a spinning icon above that's been going for over ten minutes.

As a summon associated with dreams and sleep, many of Diabolos's moves are magic-based and some gain bonuses from being used when it is nighttime or when the enemy is asleep. Diabolos appears as the final boss in the level 50 dungeon, Lost City of Amdapor.

He uses both gravity magic and the skills of the Final Fantasy XI incarnation.

Right now I have 'access denied' error after clicking, though all programs I have have always been run as administrator. Only gripe is that it doesn't behave like a standard window: maximising and moving does not automatically un-maximise it, and moving it to the edges doesn't give the option of having it take up half the screen. Edit: making 'settings.json' read-only causes an error upon exiting.

Three instances of 'Median XL (32 bit)' remain as background processes in task manager. Main form opens without further issue once error dialogue is closed.

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