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also reserves the right to edit comments for grammar and spelling errors.The Watchtower and Jehovah's Witness apologists have often cited scholars in support of the New World Translation in general, and particularly its rendering of John 1:1c ("and the Word was a god").This one over here (crypto) is growing like mad to the point we just don’t care about their sanctions on trade. It’s something different, and these things will be appearing over the course of this year. (To Donate to Click Here) After the Interview: Clif High’s latest report is titled “Collected Curious Crypto ~ Paruski!It’s not ever going to stop any kind of crypto currency trade. Over the course of June and into July, a number of organizations were created for a crypto encapsulation for the performance of energy necessary to extract and deal with silver. At least one or two of these is going to break silver loose at its fiscal restraint level because these guys will be providing a vehicle around the control structure of the U. ” Because of the amount of time and analysis involved, High is charging . Go to Half Past and scroll down if you want to buy the report.The fiercely competitive software giant is positioning its wares for cloud computing with software and services.The company's two cash cows - operating systems and the Office productivity suite - are performing well.Scholarly citation is a form of an "argument from authority." Such an argument cannot establish the truth or falsity of a given assertion; it can merely lend credence or cast doubt.

When your currency is dying, and we saw this with the greenback (after the Civil War), the currency went into this brief burst of hyperinflation and then no one would touch it.Further, the scholar must be a recognized authority in a field that pertains directly to the assertion being made.When Jehovah's Witnesses produce scholars that support the NWT, we must first establish that the scholar is, indeed, a recognized expert in the field of Biblical Languages, and that he or she has been quoted accurately.In the chart, below, we will examine how some scholars have been used in defense of the NWT and whether they actually support the Watchtower translation as claimed.It is not my intent to be exhaustive; however I've tried to cover the scholars most often cited; I think you'll find that any omissions will be obscure scholars that are not generally recognized as authoritative in the scholarly community. AWlosk, Rmischer Kaiserkult '78." BDAG agrees that Ignatius frequently called Christ QEOS.

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