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Strictly, a bounce is a white or light blue cloth onto which light is bounced to backlight another cloth.A bounce doesn't need to be seamless, whereas a cyclorama should be.Usually shortened to ASM, the assistant stage manager is the most junior member of the Stage Management team, and is often in charge of sourcing and running Properties during the run of a show. See also STAGE MANAGER and DSM.1) Facility available on larger sound mixing desks allowing channel muting or even fader moves to be taken under the control of a computer to ensure accurate and repeatable mixing. Sometimes known as a PIPE in the US, although many curse that usage, and demand the use of Batten ; ' A pipe is what you smoke; a batten is what you hang your instruments from.'. A live sound effects board on which are mounted a number of different types of doorbells / phone bells etc. The switch or bell push to operate the doorbell (or even the whole bell board) can easily be mounted on the set if the director wants the actors to operate it themselves.2) Describes the method used instead of stage crew for moving bits of set around shows with a big budget. Session with opera performers in a new venue (or on a new set) to check the balance of voices and orchestra is correct, and that the performers can hear the orchestra enough. Language, especially in theatre, is rarely universal! Bar Bells are rung in public areas of the theatre to warn the audience that the performance is about to start/continue. Part of the communication ('cans') system in a theatre, the Beltpack contains the controls and circuitry to drive the HEADSET worn by crew members.3) Describes the fast in/out movement of 'bouncing' flown house tabs, traditionally used during curtain calls.

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The tab track control can either be operated from stage level or from a fly floor (when they're flown out).Whilst the work day is long, the intensity allows a great deal of progress to be made.American Actors's Equity only allows a period of 10 out of 12 rehearsal during the 7 days before a performance opens.The Association of British Theatre Technicians, which was formed in 1961 as a charity, to provide a forum for discussion among theatre technicians, architects and managers of all disciplines, and disseminate information of a technical nature, to all its members.1) Subdivision between sections of a play.A short play is a ' One-Act-er', a play with one interval has two Acts etc. 2) The thing Actors can do which makes them different from Techies (!! A change of either scenery, lighting, costume, props or other technical elements between acts of a play or musical.

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