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“Whilst you curiously want to explore and look the available items, you are also worried of what people would think about what you are doing in this type of shop.Issues related to sexual pleasure are always considered as taboo,” he further explained.“Embarrassment is considered one of the self-conscious emotions, quite at ease in the company of guilt, shame, and pride,” Maria C Lamia wrote in her column 'Intense Emotions and Strong Feelings' in the online journal, Psychology Today.Lamia further observed, the experience of embarrassment cautions you to your inability to act as indicated by certain social benchmarks, which undermine the convictions you hold concerning how others assess you and the courses in which you assess yourself.Talking about sexual health of married couples, researches have shown that using an adult toy in their sexual activity can have a positive impact.However, most married couples still feel ashamed of being seen and judged on using such tools.“I always make sex jokes among my friends but when I want to buy lubricant and condoms, I would feel really embarrassed, now if I were to buy sex toys, can you imagine how embarrassing it would be? Another mall patron Kamal agrees with the statement that most teenagers nowadays are more open to other cultures and are able to think more maturely about sex thanks to the wider access to information on the internet. Even talking about buying one is out of the question.However when it comes to sex toys, he is not willing to give it a try. Beside why would you buy sex toy when you can buy other kinds of toys? Curiosity is part of human nature of curiosity otherwise we would not have the proverb ‘curiosity killed the cat’.




“I think it is normal for people to feel embarrassed talking about sex and sex toys, sex-related matters will always be considered taboo no matter how open you are.The toys do not interest me (well, maybe just a little) but I questioned my sense of embarrassment when entering the store to look at all the toys.They are basically just replicas of human genitals made for pleasure. Yet I paced around the mall corridor for 30 minutes and spent another 5 minutes in front of the premises before deciding to enter the store in one of the shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur. I noticed several teenagers lingering in front of the storefront, perhaps curious just like I am.It is a small place, small enough to be a store room.

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